Bobzilla are you out there?

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just wanted to say great programming on BMIR this year. and great dj's too.
thanks for entertaining us citizens
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    Fri, September 28, 2012 - 9:26 PM
    Yeah, well Bobzilla is kind of busy these days.

    You might not believe this, but volunteer radio isn't as lucrative as most people think.

    He spends the off season as a towel boy, down at Stinky Pete's Bordello, on the 95, just past Mina.

    It's a secret, and I only know because I saw him at work, last week.

    I was there getting scrubbed clean with solid sin, and he was sent in to clean up the mess.

    Kind of embarrassing, but once he put his tu tu back on, it was alright.

    If you want to see him, drop on by.

    Don't forget to experience the house specialty, "Hot Lava"

    So good, you won't care about the mandatory tetanus shot.

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