roommates/burners in san diego?!

topic posted Fri, December 7, 2012 - 4:08 PM by  Tina
Hi! Im moving to san diego here in the near future and am looking for a room for rent. How much?? I dont know any burners in SD so looking forward to having new roommates!!! :-)
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  • Gadzooks! I like your attitude, young mammal.

    You do realize that looking for anything in this room is like looking for a prom date in the local mortuary.

    I mean yes, in theory, but in practice.....
    If you look around this room, it's impossible not to notice that it's empty. About the only one left, is a mangy Orangutang sitting in a corner, chain smoking Pall Malls.

    If only for the novelty of having company here, let me ask you a question.

    Why San Diego? If you have a choice, there are many nicer places to live in Calli.

    If you wanted to move to the much more civilized L.A. I could actually help you. I know plenty of places to stay up there.
    Unfortunately, they tend to be in zoos and wildlife preserves, but the food is edible, and you get fresh hay in your cell twice a week.

    One thing to consider is that San Diego isn't much of a burner town.
    L.A. is a massive Burner Village. In many ways, even more burnery then San Fransisco.
    In any case, the difference being that the burners in L.A. will at least speak to you in a civil manner.

    Don't move to San Fran, unless you really like cold weather, and living with a bunch of assholes.
    Let's be realistic, I don't know if it's the lousy weather or rampant alcoholism , but the the Bay area is the most inhospitable place in the entire North American Continent.
    Stay there awhile, and learn to chuckle at the militant provincialism.
    But, don't chuckle to loudly. Someone will punch you. It doesn't matter that you are a chick. Some loutishly self entitled hippy will knock your teeth out. Physical violence is just the local's way of saying fuck you.
    The rest of California is a paradise, but beware of that filthy toilet by the bay.

    I hope my words could be of help.
    • Not much of a burner town? Obviously you have never been to our (4 day) Decom or seen either of the amazing CORE pieces from San Diego.

      Tina - follow the SD regional link on the Burning Man site and get on the local e-mail list.

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