What worked out well for you this time?

topic posted Thu, September 10, 2009 - 2:52 PM by  Samsa
Best thing I brought for extra comfort for TENT users: YOGA MAT AND GARDEN KNEELER!!!
Oh my god this was the best. I could scurry into my tent knees first and SQUISH ahhhh no scuffing! I rolled the yoga mat out and put the garden kneeler right by the entrance and it really made tent life MUCH better.

~Tall lace up super comfortable leather combat boots = the best. My feet were softer than normal after the week! And they look so kewl, and they weree so comfortable and I felt like I could do anything in them. They were FLAT heeled BTW, old NaNas brand that my friend handed down to me. The best! i will never do Bman without them.

~STOKE the VILLAGE with FREE SHIT: I made 3 banners/signs total for 2 different camps and the rewards were priceless. People are usually so thankful its wonderful!

~Lots of KOMBUCHA~ GT's brand, different flavors, great for playa throat and a great way to balance the alkali in your body. Also lots of probiotics in that stuff to balance out the body in general.

~Day Glo tape all over my bike, helped me be seen in dust storms
~White LED Xmas lights on bike at night, great for vision while riding around the pedal area

~Aluminum car windshield over coolers, I swear my ice lasted longer with these pups.

~Contact lens wearers, clear lenz goggles at night ROCK! Keep your eyes sweating and I actually left my contacts in for 2 days once without discomfort.

How bout you?
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    Thu, September 10, 2009 - 10:25 PM
    I was so happy with my little one person camp this year: so perfectly comfortable and easy!

    I had 2 small EZ-ups, one over the tent and one for sitting under. I reinforced the legs by duct taping PVC to them, guyed them out with bungees, and didn't extend them quite all the way, so there would be some give in the wind. I also got some super cheap white sheets at Goodwill and clamped them to the EZ-ups to make full shade and protect from morning side-sun, and also to billow prettily in the wind.

    I made a really easy carapace for my tent out of Reflectix, held on with duct tape and binder clips, with the rain fly on top. The radiant heat barrier combined with full shade meant I could sleep comfortably all day, and by overlapping the large pieces of Reflectix so that the wind couldn't get under them, I was able to keep my tent a completely dust free zone all week.

    Also, this was the easiest camp I've ever brought: set up and tear down both took about an hour and a half. Win!!!
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    Mon, September 14, 2009 - 7:03 PM
    After trying out my Spring Bar tent at Juplaya I knew that I had to make some more adjustments if I was going to ever sleep past 7 am in my tent or for that matter even go inside after I got up because the heat was so bad. So after some research I decided to do the following: Pitch the tent under the community shade structure, put 2 black out curtains (cheap at Target) over the top of my spring bar tent (affixed with clamps and clothes pins) and I hung 70% aluminet over the side of the shade structure blocking the morning sun. I was amazed at how cool it stayed throughout the day. With an eye mask I was able to sleep until 10:30 on most days and I could go in after without dying from heat. For my clothes I used a 36" portable fully enclosed wardrobe with hanging shelves. It was so nice to sleep in and not have to dig through bins for my clothes. Also - the only dust that came into my tent was the dust I brought in with my feet and clothes. It was very much like home in there :)
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    Tue, September 15, 2009 - 5:07 PM
    We managed to find milk and a variety of juices in quart size Tetra Pak's. They allow milk and stuff not to be refrigerated until after its open, take up VERY minimal space, and break down into even less waste to haul out. We had a smaller camp of 6 so, it actually made it ideal for things like cereal as well as mixers for drinks as opposed to those giant plastic jugs.
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      Tue, September 15, 2009 - 6:26 PM
      Where did you find the Tetra Paks? I remember getting little milks at Whole Paycheck a few years back, but I didn't check this time. Plus you can have fun stacking them like bricks.
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        Wed, September 16, 2009 - 7:12 PM
        Using the truck as my tent. I bought a 10 x 10 canvas tent - 7 feet tall (I'm 6'6") and $400. Then I got everything out of the box truck and thought, "Hmmm.. I'm standing in an 8 by 16 room with 7' ceilings. Why am I going to sleep in a tent?? So, I turned it into my apartment, and gave the tent to my daughter. Comfy, cool, and much less dust!

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