All the people tribe burners love to hate

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Any suit
Any square
Any circle
Any shape what so ever
Any "bad" artist
Sock puppets
Alter egos
Trolls (save 1)
Trollettes (save 1, where has she been by the way?)

name it we hate it/love it You people crack me up on a daily basis.
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    I hate people that make lists and blanket statements. I don't hate hippies because it seems to me the people that are the most vocal about hating hippies I would call a hippie if I saw them walking down the street.
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    O man I hit a sore spot :)

    And plants..
    And any one
    and any artist


    I hate you all in the fondest of ways right now, only because I am not yet standing on the playa and rather I am sitting in an office with fake lights and stupid silicon.
    • tell me about it-8 days and counting till I'm there.


      Thanks to you all for keeping me entertained and unproductive
      • I love you! Brilliant. Yes, I second that emotion. Such gratitude for the ability to make productive little clicky sounds with my glow-in-the-dark fingernail-polished nails, all while only intermittently and grudgingly attending to what they're paying me to do.

        Quick! Be funnier! Make it worth it!

        I dreamed of glow sticks last night. Not even kidding. Vivid clear dream about the cracking pleasure of torquing a stick into life.
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    the arogant guys with the space ship art car that filled the radiator without closing the drain. And no, it was not they who hauled 40# of glycol soaked playa to Reno. We tented, they ran their generator all night. Bel-Air weekend warriors stay home.
    Feels good to vent that
  • Damn. Sounds like most of you like the smell of your own shit, but yet you hate hippies. These good hearted people know a little something you dont seem to understand yet in this lifetime. Mature your spirit a little, young ones, before you trash something you made yourselves a part of. BM is about freedom of creativity, not whos smarter about placing people in certain categories. If you have a free spirit inside, then you need to understand that we are all alike, with different point of views. Take them in and never stop growing, but dont close your mind off and other people. If you find yourself a MASTER of Burning Man, then you need to go back to the bar, or office where your crackpot intellect might get some people off, but the truth is that your not capable of producing positive construction. We are all working individualy for a better world with no right answers. Yes, there are f*ck heads in every "category", expecially the Burning Man group today, but I believe those hippies and ravers are more free spirited than your brainwashed asses. I mean really, if you are downing any group at BM, you dont belong and are helping the spread of the evil EGO. Leave your ego at the door, and off the Net. . We all need to go back to our Primordial Ooze and start over with no pointless knowledge and ego, only oneness and a connection to our Universe. Now Get some Spiritual growth and humble the f*ck up,!
    • i hate people who don't get irony or humour.

      just remember kids when out finding your "spirituality" wandering the playa is a chemical haze wear some fucking lights and keep hydrated or you'll get a rude spiritual awakening with someone's tires going over you.
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        "i hate people who don't get irony or humour. " - Yup!

        Geesh, the funniest part of solar culture's rant is missing the fact that I started this thread and I am the first person to get shit for being a fucking hippy! Mind you a fucking hippy not a dirty hippy, cause I look like a hippy and I am always fuckin around!


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