Death knell

topic posted Tue, December 4, 2012 - 3:03 PM by  Kamikaze
I'm sorry.
I've tried, but ...
I will most likely to use this site to write safely. When and if it loads.
For now (and I do not see things changing) I am out.
I leave you this
and this
because, as Y'all know, I love drama and I can not simply leave this room without making a statement!!
Fuck Yer day
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  • it appears that live in facebookistan has stomped the last gulp of air out of tribes lungs.
    • I don't thin it's facebook, I think it's tribe running so slowly that has really killed it.

      Of course, my time as moderator, wasn't helpful either.
      • *reaches through door. flicks light switch*
        Opps! Sorry Zaius!! I thought that was the light switch!!!
        • I think tossing the trolls didn't help.

          The trolls got people's blood boiling and stimulated conversations.

          I also agree that the slowness that occasionally occurs is a turnoff. There are times I would pop in to check out what's happening and after a minute or so I give up because my attention span is... wait what's that?
          • Trolls? Zaius is still here, as is Svetlana. Nobody has pitched anybody in months!
            • I'm really here?
              Wow, all this time, I thought I was just a ketamine fueled hallucination.

              I guess you really do learn something every day.

              But, on the subject of Tribe, I'm not sure why it's so moribund.
              I'm sure Facecrack has something to do with it, and the messed up server doesn't help.

              I think the trolls both help, and hurt.
              Yes, trolls keep the conversation going. Well, get the foolish to rise to the bait, anyway.
              and, that may be part of the problem.

              Those of us who spend time here know enough not to take anything here seriously.
              However, when I read some of the things I've written, I could see where someone could get seriously offended and not want to play anymore.

              Let's see what happens as we get into the new Burning M season.
              I bet we see some fresh meat fall into our little pit.

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