what happens at burning man!?

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Imagine being on the way to or from burning man and getting into a conversation with a stranger about your trip.. You've described the various things about what burning man is.... and they ask you about what you personally do at burning man...

what do you say?

what do you do at burning man?
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    Thu, April 8, 2010 - 2:53 PM
    This is what I would say...

    I chase furry things, particularly people dressed in bunny outfits. I like to help build the city, so I gift in the form of labor and usually make new friends, get a free lunch out of it and on a good day, a nice shot of chilled tequila. I like to watch the sunrise at the temple and spend the sunset in a drum circle. At midnight, I end up at the Man, spin poi and if all goes well, my crew and I will go on an adventure with another crew. There's this double decker pink bus. Yes a pink bus and it's a ton of fun, not sure exactly what happened but I think I had a blast cuz' I woke up getting massaged by a guy with bunny ears.

    And it's only Tuesday morning.

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