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Something that bothered me a lot in 2009 and 2011 were the number of LEOs at the event. I saw more LEO vehciles than art cars on the spoke we camped on.

I don't have anything against the LEOs themselves, more just question the necessity to have that many, and also some of the tactics I witnessed in 2009. (At the burn they were going around and shining their lights into peoples backpacks if they saw somebody fishing around for something in their bag, it seemed very very intrusive.)

So, I'm curious how was the LEO presence this year. Any negative interactions? How "present" were they compared to past years?
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  • after 4 consecutive trips to the playa, this past year was the only time i noticed any LEO's. when i did, they were on their quads, going a little faster than needed. not heading to an emergency, just bolting down the roads kicking up dust.

    other than that, no issues.
    • They seemed really low-key this year, not nearly as aggressive. Of course, I spent a lot less time hanging around the large sound camps this year, so maybe I just didn't notice them circling their prey at the psychic watering hole.
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    i didnt see any law enforcement doing any enforcing... i saw the BLM trucks driving around pre event.. but thats about all i saw of them

    my only interaction this year was with the sheriffs in the staff commissary ...had two meals during the event sitting next to them, chatting them up... one had been out there 12 years doing this.. he seemed to be enjoying himself.. as were his partners.. and hey!! they even remembered my name and where i was from on subsequent times seeing them..

    couldnt have been happier with how they were handlin themselves in that environment... ...they are just doin a so many others out there.

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      The only guys I saw in uniform (other than the BRRangers) were a group we ran into during our bellydance parade friday. Found out one of them was having a birthday so we surrounded him and his buddies all took pictures, he was all smiles and then.....we were gone.....shimmying into the sunset....
  • I was part of a major sound camp, and that's where they focused. The way the cops handled this was all undercover, focusing on infiltrating large camps in hopes of seeing some illegal in the camping area. Once they saw something, the entire camp got tossed. We were lucky, or you might say more secure.
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      so by mentioning being lucky you admit to doing illegal stuff in your major sound camp...?

      what kinda illegal stuff?

      just how lucky were you
      • boring

        • I saw a guy get pulled out of his car and thrown to the ground by 2 cops when he delayed getting out of his car. "Can I talk to you through the window? he asked..."Out of the car IMMEDIATELY!" When he opened the door they threw him down and hand cuffed him. A drug dog then went through his car and found nothing. They then threw him in the back of a police car and drove away.

          A few days later, at night, I saw 5 undercover cops jump out of police vehicles and spread out in center camp.

          The first incident scared the crap out of me. The second incident freaked me out.

          It's not all peace and love out there at BM.
          • Isn't talking through a crack in the window one of the strategies taught in rights preservation videos?? I wonder why they arrested him.
            • "Isn't talking through a crack in the window one of the strategies taught in rights preservation videos?? I wonder why they arrested him. "

              I'm not sure if at the end of the day that he was arrested.

              I heard that when they did a sweep pass Silicone Village, the dog did an "alert". The guy got in his car and drove away. They immediately stopped him at the intersection where greeter's camp was.

              I spoke to my brother-in-law when I got home, a retired cop, he said that the minute he didn't obey instructions... " please get out of the car now" the guy escalated the issue. "When you stop someone you don't know what the person is doing when they stall and do not respond to instructions."

              Anyway, as he opened his door they gabbed him. He was saying "I'm not resisting arrest. I do not give you permission to search my car, I have nothing on me that can harm you." He was on the ground at this time, being handcuffed. The drug dog jumped into his car but didn't do an alert.

              A minute later the whole corner was filled with police and ranger cars from every dept known to man.

              One of the Greeters and a person who camped near me saw the entire encounter and reported it to BMORG immediately. I caught it as the guy was being pulled from his car.

              So like I said, at the end of the day I don't know if they pressed charges for who knows what, but that guy's day (week? Burn? month?) was definitely ruined by going through being thrown to the ground, handcuffed and put in a police car and driven away.

              I was freaked out. I couldn't even begin to imagine what that skinny bearded guy was going through.
  • One year, about a decade ago, I noticed way too many. I walked and walked but they always seemed to be around no matter where I went.
    I was even deep Playa once very late at night and saw one..maybe two.
    The next morning they weren't as noticeable, but if I looked hard enough, I swear to God!, I could still see them.
    It kinda freaked me out.
    LED's...they are everywhere out there!

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