Hot Springs at Burning Man

Juliet Mon, July 19, 2004 - 8:42 PM by Juliet

Hey all!! I've heard that some hot springs exist in the mountains around the playa. Has anyone been to these, are they far, do they exist? Help a sister out and give some juicy details!!

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rodent Mon, July 19, 2004 - 8:45 PM by rodent

There are a number of hotsprings in the area. Unfortunitely, they are closed durring the Burningman Festival.

Just too many people enjoying them was destroying them so now... no more.

rodent (putting the eek in geek)

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genghis Mon, July 19, 2004 - 8:46 PM by genghis

check p. 13 of the survival guide

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Howie Mon, July 19, 2004 - 8:58 PM by Howie

There is a dirt road turnoff roughly 1 1/2 to three miles south of the Gerlach Junction, off 447. Frog Pond is about 10 miles in, and the Earth Guardians have led ecological trips out from the Playa. About 7 - 8 miles beyond that is Trego Hot Ditch. My suggestion is to check out the springs before you arrive at BM or on the way out - BM doesn't encourage people to visit the springs during the event however, because of the environmental impact. The sites are open all year round. I'd also recommend I hearthy vehicle with decent ground clearance. I made the trip sucessfully in a rented Buick LeSabre once, but I would not necessarily advise it.

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Glitter fart Mon, July 19, 2004 - 10:24 PM by Glitter...

I was out to frog pond last week, and they are putting up lots of barbwire to keep the hippies out. Aparently a christian group came out, and left the place a mess (beer cans), and now the owner is shutting it down. :(

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Gold Guy Mon, July 19, 2004 - 10:29 PM by Gold Guy

God damn Christians!

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wick Mon, July 19, 2004 - 11:09 PM by wick

all hte springs are closed to public during hte even tand they are checked on. this is for many reasons including pretection of the springs but also you. some strange things have happened there including the one armed man legend. so stay out i'd hate for randy fromthe blm to have to talk to you. or anyone for that pyramid lake is free game.

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LyingBare Mon, July 19, 2004 - 11:20 PM by

Ummmm No... its not..... Pyramid lake... UNless something has changed that I dont know about... is not to swim in either... am I wrong on this????

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Kirsten Tue, July 20, 2004 - 12:08 AM by Kirsten

The Earth Guardians started an ecological restoration project at the Frog Pond last year, which is an excellent way to get out to look at the springs, even if you can't soak in them. Details are in their After Burn Report:

You can get in touch with them at if you're interested in signing up for this year's project.

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Mitch Tue, July 20, 2004 - 8:21 AM by

Pyramid Lake was open to swimmers in 2001 -- I went with a bunch of other people. I hadn't heard that had changed.

You DO need a permit, however, it costs like $5 a day and you can get it in Nixon (but not, unfortunately, Gerlach/Empire). It's on Pauite land...

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Delicious Clint: Tue, July 20, 2004 - 8:38 AM by Delicio...

On a more general note, there are a multitude of hot springs in the area that are available to enjoy year-round for those trips back to the playa....when sniffing the piles of gear in your basement just isn't enough! Due to misuse and abuse, a lot of the springs on private land have been closed off and are now unavailable. There are however, a lot of seeps up the east side of the Black Rock that could be enjoyed if you carry some piping and a tub....perhaps a big clawfoot to laze in while watching the stars.

Trego HS is a bit of a mudbog. Seriously, if you can carry a horse trough or tub and some 2" or 3" pipe.....there are a myriad of places to enjoy. Just not during the event.

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LyingBare Tue, July 20, 2004 - 9:02 AM by

and... ALWAYS... ALWAYS>..... check the temp of the springs BEFORE ya jump into them... the temps change often and without warning and can cause severe burns if not death..... so take caution when using the springs....

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Delicious Clint: Tue, July 20, 2004 - 9:19 AM by Delicio...

Listen to Bare -- I stopped at a known spring in Cali en route to the Fourth of JuPlaya and found a solid 10-12 degree temperature increase. It was hotter'n blazes but still JUST soakable!! And those damned water mites weren't slowed down by it at all....

But, Bare, what kind of fool would jump into water without dangling a toe first??

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~M Tue, July 20, 2004 - 11:16 AM by ~M

jon s... you pullin my leg with that story?

silly x-tians... mucking it up for everyone else...

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wick Tue, July 20, 2004 - 11:23 AM by wick

what about double hot!!!!

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Unsubscribed Tue, July 20, 2004 - 1:43 PM by Unsubsc...

Double hot springs is Trego. All my maps have it listed as double hot, yet the sign outside the springs says 'trego'. My guess is cause if you look at the spring source, there are two hot springs about 8 feet apart, that both feed the one long pool. Overall, I prefer trego to the other (Frog hot springs is also known as Black Rock hot springs). Frog is alot colder, dirtier, crowded, hard to get into, etc... While Trego is about 110º on one end and 90º on the other end.

The playa is a great place, and worth a visit to. When you go to burning man, you are getting a different kind of experience, one of a large urban environment that appears and dissapears. You miss all the great natural stuff that the playa provides, and it's defineltly worth a visit at other times of the year.

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Kimric Tue, July 20, 2004 - 2:37 PM by Kimric

This christan thing was told to me by A BLM ranger. The group showed up and made a mess,they were confronted, but they claimed that they were not a group so no one was responsible.
I have been out there other times of the year and run in to sketchy BM/Rave types, that had set up camp there and sort of taken over. It was rather unpleasent if you were not into the "music" they brought, or being bummed for handouts.
The one armed man was at the Ranch to my knowlege.

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Grover Tue, July 20, 2004 - 2:47 PM by Grover

"Double hot springs is Trego" - nope, double hot is NW from trego 20 some miles.

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Glitter fart Tue, July 20, 2004 - 5:23 PM by Glitter...


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LyingBare Tue, July 20, 2004 - 6:42 PM by

Its happened darling.. just last year right before playa time 2 young "kids" early 20's died out near there... cant recall the spring they were in at the moment BUT I suppose if ya all were interested I could go in search of the name.... the temp changed RAPIDLY on them and they didnt have time to get out...

and speaking of MITES.. those suckers bite.... so... if the water in the springs is especially covered in them its best to go in search of one of the other springs not so "infested"......

some of the springs in that area were havin problems last year and there were some reports of illness.... ya can contact the environmental health dept for that area to get a report on the springs that are considered "uninhabitable... or habitable.. :)

I became ill last year after being in one of the springs.. and was really concerned.. so called them... they told me that the particular spring I was in had been checked and was ok.. so luckily it wasnt from that.... but ya do have to be informed before y a go hoppin into springs.... just be sure....

Frog and a few of the others right near the playa are checked often...... I cant recall all of their names at the moment.. but I am sure some of the old timers that use em more often can tell ya..... I have only been to a couple of them....

Have fun.... Play safe..


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LyingBare Tue, July 20, 2004 - 6:45 PM by

Trego.. thats the other one I went to.... it was nicely hot... but is subject to rapid temp change..... its not as "bugy" as Frog...


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wick Tue, July 20, 2004 - 6:57 PM by wick

the one armed man was origionally found at the springs....that's all i will say

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~M Wed, July 21, 2004 - 9:55 AM by ~M

i'd appreciate it if you DID check that story...

rumors about the safety of various springs should be backed up.


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Glitter fart Wed, July 21, 2004 - 10:04 AM by Glitter...

I'm just glad you all are scared to go in, makes the water clear for me.
I think common sense, plenty of drinking water, and no drugs.
All hell stay home in your tub, and be safe.
yea, buy my shade, and stay home, keep your stuff clean.


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~M Wed, July 21, 2004 - 10:32 AM by ~M

jon i just love your assumptions about everyone.

you can be quite the lovable goofball!

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Howie Wed, July 21, 2004 - 11:17 AM by Howie

Trego is a cool stream with a Hot Spring at one end of it. You do NOT want to jump in at the source of the spring. The trick is find the perfect spot in the spring where the mixture of Hot and Cold water are to your liking and comfort level.
The entire area is muddy and it is easy to slip getting in and out of the streams. The area is adjacent to a railroad track, overlooking the Playa.

I went last year after one of the Frog Pond restoration weekends with the Earth Guardians. Will there be Rangers or Sheriffs preventing people from visiting the springs on the was to or from the play this year?

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LyingBare Wed, July 21, 2004 - 12:03 PM by

here ya go...... in order to get the entire article I would have to BUY it.... and so... since I dont have any real interest in that I will post the snippet that was available from the archives on the Reno Gazette Home page site.....

RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL Lisa O'Shea and Andy Crowell, both of Reno, were severely burned by the scalding waters of Double Hot Springs in the remote, federally owned lands of Nevada's Black Rock Desert. They had fallen into the 200-degree water while trying to save their dogs,

Lisa O'Shea: Died from burns suffered trying to rescue two dogs. By Mike Henderson RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL Funeral arrangements are pending for Lisa O'Shea, the Reno woman who died Sunday from burns she suffered last week after jumping into a 200-degree hot springs while trying to rescue two dogs. Meanwhile, Andy Crowell of Reno, who also was scalded trying to save the dogs, was listed in very critical condition Monday at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

there have been MANY incidents of burns from Hot Spring usage because people arent aware of the changes in Temps in the hot springs... I'm NOT saying dont go into them.. I'm just sayin that IF ya do... BE AWARE... and Careful...

I LOVE the hot springs.... I go in them every opportunity I have... but the changes in temp can vary and ya dont wanna be caught unaware....


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~M Wed, July 21, 2004 - 12:15 PM by ~M

thanks for posting that! tragic event...

i heard about that story too... i think double hot is way out near the black rock...

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LyingBare Wed, July 21, 2004 - 12:29 PM by

its "rumored" that ya can use the hot springs until "wednesday" BUT I wouldnt wanna push the limits.... I'm sure the perimeter rangers and most likely the sheriff as well will be lookin out for that and shooing people away.... they have done so in the past years..

not only that but we really should be considerate of the owners property and also of the springs... Enjoy.... and remember, Leave No Trace!!

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Delicious Clint: Wed, July 21, 2004 - 1:02 PM by Delicio...

All I can say is that it would suck to watch your dog boil.

But it kinda makes me hungry!

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daMongolian / Greg Wed, July 21, 2004 - 1:17 PM by daMongo...

here's the thing about Double Hot too, the water coming directly from the springs is WAY too hot to be used. There is however a metal tub that has water diverted from the springs, But beware, the temp of the tub is subject to change, if it sits long enough without hot water being added to it, it cools down, the otherside is that if too much hot water is added to it, it gets too hot and takes time to cool, (there isn't really a source of cool water to add too it, unless you wanna throw your ice/drinking water into it.

And of course....they're closed during the BM event, you should visit them some other time of year.


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LyingBare Wed, July 21, 2004 - 1:18 PM by

CLINT!!! ok I confess.... ya cracked me up..... LOL!! but is is sick.... ya know... its difficult to be laughin your ass off and at the same time be thinkin OH GAWD!! man they died.... ummmm ok anyway...... Just be careful in the Springs...... ENJOY